151 Sessions

151 Sessions is a collection of 18 previously unreleased tracks by Portland rap group 5 oh Trees.

The album title comes from the location of origin: these tracks were all recorded at Studio SE 151.


# Name Time Download
1. River City 3:43 MP3
2. I Don't Know 3:35 MP3
3. Too Much 4:11 MP3
4. What the Funk 2:44 MP3
5. Thursday 2:51 MP3
6. I See 4:19 MP3
7. Guns 3:46 MP3
8. Rolling 2:26 MP3
9. So 2:32 MP3
10. The Hustle 2:50 MP3
11. Rasparella 2:35 MP3
12. The Zone 3:10 MP3
13. Mademoiselle 2:47 MP3
14. Down to the Ground 2:50 MP3
15. The $6 Billion Plan 3:03 MP3
16. Faded 2:39 MP3
17. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 4:26 MP3
18. Thizz in My Tummy 2:26 MP3


Many of these tracks were made using different production techniques than any other 5 oh Trees material. The Korg Triton Rack synthesizer was featured extensively, and relatively primitive MIDI sequencing and audio recording software was used. These characteristics all contributed to creating a series of tracks with a unique and distinctive old-school type of sound, although the production quality is not up to modern standards.

The material on this album was all recorded and mixed in 2006. Original plans for a release on the group's The Basement Productions label didn't work out, and the material was lost and forgotten for several years.


Produced and engineered by Keegan Quinn.

Raps written and performed by Big Nutz, Celebrity Johnson and Bluntman.

Recorded and mixed at Studio SE 151.

Cover designed by Keegan Quinn.