Firesign Revisited

Firesign Revisited is a classic experimental underground compilation.

This release contains some of the earliest work by electronic artists kQ, Nathan Tillett, Michael Parker and Miahkitty.


# Artist Name Time Download
1. Keegan Quinn A Thick Red Fluid 2:00 MP3
2. Keegan Quinn Something Different 2:51 MP3
3. Miahkitty Question 8:14 MP3
4. Miahkitty Strawberry Banana 9:05 MP3
5. Nathan Tillett Gates to Shanghai 1:12 MP3
6. Nathan Tillett Shanghai 2:50 MP3
7. Miahkitty Ripple 4:23 MP3
8. Keegan Quinn Not Real (featuring Chris Henderson) 0:59 MP3
9. Michael Parker Chemical Sunlight 3:50 MP3
10. Michael Parker Bedtime Story 4:16 MP3
11. Keegan Quinn Tea Party (live) (featuring Nathan Tillett) 10:57 MP3
12. Keegan Quinn Mania 4:12 MP3
13. Keegan Quinn Withdrawn 3:39 MP3
14. Michael Parker Things 4:06 MP3
15. Nathan Tillett Closure 4:21 MP3
16. Nathan Tillett Beatbox Funk Sessions 4:08 MP3


This album was previously released in 2001 under The Basement Productions label, as TBP007.

The original Firesign release was an extremely limited production run in 1998 under the long-defunct Firesign Recording Networks label, as FRN001. Although it was intended to showcase upcoming FRN artists, it was the only release ever finalized under the FRN label.


Produced by Nathan Tillett and Keegan Quinn.

Engineered by Keegan Quinn.

Mixed and mastered at The Basement.

Cover designed by Keegan Quinn.