Keegan Quinn, aka kQ, is the man behind the label. His production and engineering skills are demonstrated on virtually every track released by When not working with other artists, he produces his own powerful, intelligent electronic tunes.

Currently, he is working with Big Nutz on the second HRD album. Collaborative compositions and remixes featuring str1ng are also continually in progress. In the past, Keegan was also involved with the gangsta rap group 5 oh Trees.




Keegan has been playing and studying music all his life, and began using computers to create music in 1995. A small collection of his early recordings is available on his debut album, Origins.

In 1998, Keegan joined forces with Nathan Tillett to create the Firesign Recording Networks record label. They produced one compilation release, using material collected from all the musicians they were associated with. The third edition of this release, Firesign Revisited, is still available.

Frequent jam sessions with Michael Parker, Keith Mercier, Nathan Tillett and others from 2002 to 2004 resulted in a series of synthesizer-oriented experimental compositions known as Wavebender. Although it has never been formally released, the original data for this material still exists, and final versions of the songs from this period may yet be released at some point in the future.

In 2003, Keegan founded the gangsta rap group called 5 oh Trees, with rapper Big Nutz; Keegan's production capabilities provided the musical foundation the group was based on. The group was eventually disbanded in 2009.

Also in 2003, Keegan co-produced the experimental underground compilation Triple Penetration with Nathan Tillett. Edited versions of several of Keegan's early tracks were included on this release.

In 2009, Keegan moved to San Diego, leaving his studio equipment behind in Portland. While living in San Diego, he eventually rebuilt a very small computer-based studio and managed to compose a few pieces. He also worked with southern California electro DJ Brian Hawkins, however no significant tracks were created during this brief collaboration.

In the spring of 2011, Keegan returned to Portland. He and Big Nutz joined forces once more to form a new rap electronic group called HRD. The first HRD album, PDX, was completed and released on December 31, 2011.

Following a series of collaborations with str1ng on his Superwerd and Errorstar releases, Keegan announced the release of his new solo album, Forward, available on August 16th, 2014.

Keegan is continually working on new material, both solo and in collaboration with HRD and with str1ng.