Superwerd is the third studio release by experimental electronic mastermind str1ng.


# Name Time Download
1. Word Up 2:01 MP3
2. Arcadic 3:23 MP3
3. Wigill Room 2:33 MP3
4. Rotar Puff 3:01 MP3
5. Yesterday Left 2:27 MP3
6. Sung Rime 3:21 MP3
7. Watching You Drown 2:40 MP3
8. nol_ight (featuring Karolina Romanowska & kQ) 4:19 MP3
9. 44plus 4:57 MP3


This EP contains refined and edited versions of the material performed at str1ng's December 2011 live performance at Guu's Bar in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.


Produced by Josh Steinke, except track 8 produced by Josh Steinke and Keegan Quinn.

Vocals on track 8 performed by Karolina Romanowska.

Engineered by Keegan Quinn.

Mixed and mastered at the Ash Street Listening Lounge.

Cover designed by Josh Steinke.