PDX is the debut album from Portland urban music project HRD.


# Name Time Download
1. Still Smokin' 2:53 MP3
2. Where I'm From 4:04 MP3
3. Same OG 4:03 MP3
4. Something for the Trunk (featuring O) 5:08 MP3
5. Concrete 2:15 MP3
6. So Gooey 4:33 MP3
7. Partial Epic (featuring O & Dose) 5:12 MP3
8. Grime Box (featuring Dose) 2:59 MP3
9. Slow Down 5:02 MP3
10. Pass That Shit (Intermission) 4:10 MP3
11. Empty Muse 5:14 MP3


Produced and engineered by Keegan Quinn.

Raps written and performed by Big Nutz. Raps on track 3 also written by George Andrews. Raps on track 4 also written and performed by Omari Mathews. Raps on track 7 also written and performed by Omari Mathews and Donald Green. Raps on track 8 also written and performed by Donald Green.

Recorded at The Basement. Mixed and mastered at the Ash Street Listening Lounge.

Cover designed by Josh Steinke.