Hundred Round Drum.

Hundred Round Drum is a modern urban music project from Portland, Oregon, produced by beat chef Keegan Quinn and featuring the linguistic styles of Big Nutz.

Keegan and Nutz were also previously involved with Portland gangsta rap group 5 oh Trees.


Project X
Project X


In the spring of 2011, Keegan Quinn returned to Portland after spending a couple of years in San Diego. He and Big Nutz had worked together for many years previously, and quickly fell back into their old habits, hanging out in the studio and continually working on new sounds and musical concepts.

Although the process was similar, the sound and energy resulting from it were distinctly new, so it was decided that the project should be given a new name. After some deliberation, the duo decided to call themselves Hundred Round Drum - or HRD.

After a few intense months in the studio, a debut album was released on New Years Eve - December 31, 2011: it was called PDX. Although the album has met with only limited commercial success, it has been generally well received by fans and achieved a peak position of #5 on the ReverbNation Portland rap chart.

Work is well underway for several upcoming releases, pushing our innovative and original new sound to an even higher level. Follow us on our Facebook page for all of the latest information, and be sure to show some love on our ReverbNation page if you have a chance.