Origins is a collection of early recordings by kQ, an electronic music producer from Vancouver, Washington.


# Name Time Download
1. Reflections 2:35 MP3
2. Withdrawn 3:26 MP3
3. Untitled 4:13 MP3
4. A Million Shades of Idle 4:15 MP3
5. Technology Worship (featuring Michael Parker) 7:35 MP3
6. Active Mechanics (featuring Michael Parker) 7:04 MP3
7. Chaos Structure 4:32 MP3
8. Redn0z0r (featuring Nolon Ashley) 8:15 MP3
9. Elephantitis 12:13 MP3


As a debut solo release, a series of early, low-quality recordings may seem like an odd choice, yet that is exactly what you will find here. These tracks were recorded between 1996 and 2003, and are the only surviving versions of the material they contain; each piece is a unique expression of the time and place it was created. Rather than an album in the traditional sense, you might think of Origins as the first chapter of an audio autobiography.

The first three tracks are most notable for their relative age. While the exact dates are no longer known, they were originally made sometime in 1996. Reflections and Withdrawn were Keegan's first sequenced compositions in FruityLoops, and Untitled was his first recorded keyboard performance. Although they are musically simplistic pieces, they betray hints of the distinctive style he has continued to develop and explore ever since these humble beginnings so long ago.

As Keegan gradually became more comfortable and familiar with music production, interesting sounds and complex themes began to emerge; the next four tracks were some of the most notable pieces which resulted from this process. Of special note are Technology Worship and Active Mechanics, which were both recorded live during freestyle jam sessions with friend and co-conspirator Michael Parker.

Finally, the last two pieces are noise sculptures. Redn0z0r is an exploration of a patch on the Roland XP-50 synthesizer workstation, recorded live with fellow insane genius Nolon Ashley. Elephantitis is a noise texture track which was recorded and processed live from a Honda Civic being driven through Portland, Oregon.


Produced and engineered by Keegan Quinn.

Cover designed by Keegan Quinn.