Forward is the first organized full-length studio album by veteran producer Keegan Quinn.


# Name Time Download
1. Bent 3:21 MP3
2. Multiply 3:39 MP3
3. Through the Wire 2:54 MP3
4. Over the Top 4:27 MP3
5. Quickly 2:40 MP3
6. No Two Alike 5:16 MP3
7. Cold Coffee 3:38 MP3
8. Not Quite a Waltz 4:02 MP3
9. Struggle 5:01 MP3
10. Anchor 3:46 MP3


These songs were composed and produced between the fall of 2011 and late summer of 2014, gradually progressing from occasional experiments in Ableton Live and improvisational musical sketches to complete works.

Although it is technically Keegan's second album, this is the first one that was constructed intentionally from beginning to end in the studio. He has written a blog post about the record and what it means to him.

No guitars were used in the making of this record.


Produced and engineered by Keegan Quinn.

Mixed and mastered at the Concordia Beat Emporium.

Cover designed by Keegan Quinn.


© 2014 Keegan Quinn

All rights reserved.

If you are interested in remixing or licensing this material, please contact by email.