Errorstar is the fourth studio release by experimental electronic mastermind str1ng.


# Name Time Download
1. Phasewaulkre 4:16 MP3
2. Fluffar 3:43 MP3
3. Raimech 2:19 MP3
4. Shlurredruz 4:23 MP3
5. ZL33 3:29 MP3
6. Forgot About Red 3:02 MP3
7. Ol' Cyrus 3:03 MP3
8. Monoblar 7 4:03 MP3
9. Minorfacer 2:49 MP3
10. 4LRplex 3:45 MP3
11. Ocarina 2:48 MP3


The material on this release was constructed and refined throughout 2012 and 2013. Although various versions of the tracks here were made available before this release, these versions include some significant changes and post-production finishing.

This release also marks the first video single and first pre-order availability of a release.


Produced by Josh Steinke.

Engineered by Keegan Quinn.

Mixed and mastered at the Concordia Beat Emporium.

Cover designed by Josh Steinke.