Spasm is the second studio album by experimental electronic mastermind str1ng.


# Name Time Download
1. Spasm 001 2:44 MP3
2. Velvet (featuring kQ) 5:52 MP3
3. Detachment Pill 3:34 MP3
4. Zerominus 0:43 MP3
5. Desolation Doll 2:09 MP3


This album was originally released in 2002 under The Basement Productions label, with the project name blueVertigo, as TBP004. The original artwork is retained in this re-release.


Produced by Josh Steinke, except track 2 produced by Josh Steinke and Keegan Quinn.

Engineered by Keegan Quinn.

Mixed and mastered at The Basement.

Cover designed by Josh Steinke.