Triple Penetration

Triple Penetration is a classic experimental underground compilation. Originally published under The Basement Productions label, it has now been reissued here.

The release features tracks by str1ng, kQ, Juno Process and 5 oh Trees, as well as featured producer Nathan Tillett and a unique selection of guest artists.


# Artist Name Time Download
1. str1ng lanrac 1:02 MP3
2. Keegan Quinn Pandora Spiral 4:01 MP3
3. Nathan Tillett ABC 3:33 MP3
4. str1ng dad's gun 0:44 MP3
5. str1ng Cocaine-Flavoured Flowers 1:35 MP3
6. Nathan Tillett Ill Vagina Whore 1:51 MP3
7. Nathan Tillett Dopesaq I 2:45 MP3
8. 5 oh Trees Get Off The Wall 4:51 MP3
9. Nathan Tillett Ganjaloaf 0:14 MP3
10. str1ng Dopesaq II 2:18 MP3
11. Juno Process Frolicking in Silver Blades of Grass 0:51 MP3
12. str1ng Velvet (featuring kQ) 5:52 MP3
13. Nathan Tillett Satan 2:16 MP3
14. Nathan Tillett The Wizard 1:28 MP3
15. Nathan Tillett Slash Ignore 2:34 MP3
16. str1ng wherearetheyhiding 0:33 MP3
17. Keegan Quinn A Thick, Red Fluid 1:58 MP3
18. Keegan Quinn Not Real (featuring Chris Henderson) 0:59 MP3
19. Nathan Tillett Thanasphere 4:48 MP3
20. str1ng saw02 4:58 MP3
21. Nathan Tillett Creep 1:02 MP3
22. The Councilor Campfire Songs 0:56 MP3
23. Keegan Quinn Fuzzy Objects (Live) (featuring Nathan Tillett) 5:37 MP3
24. Keegan Quinn Oscillator Eclipse (featuring Michael Parker) 9:55 MP3
25. Nathan Tillett Blur Red 6:08 MP3
26. Nathan Tillett Inside Each Human Being 0:44 MP3


This album was previously released in 2003 under The Basement Productions label, as TBP013.


Produced by Nathan Tillett and Keegan Quinn.

Engineered by Keegan Quinn.

Mixed and mastered at The Basement.

Cover designed by Josh Steinke.